After the temptation to focus on exposing truth and untruth from some of the narrative in the media at the moment (which is not really my path at all), one of my favourite quotes came to mind that I thought I would share… in case it is helpful to others as well. (I may not have got the words totally right – but from memory, this is it): –  

‘If you would know the secret of right relationship; look for the divine in everyone, and everything, and leave the rest to God’ 

J.Allen Boone – ‘Kinship With All Life’.

Boone practiced and wrote about nonverbal communication with animals. He explains how a German shepherd dog called Strongheart, taught him how to achieve deeper bonds through extra-sensory perception. It is the deep trust, openness, love, gratitude, TRUE RESPECT AND HUMBLENESS that Boone practiced with animals that enabled his experiences. He was able to open ‘heart to heart’ communication through his practice. This is EXACTLY what we need to do now in the world with each-other and our mother earth! This is ‘right relationship’ because WE ARE ALL ONE. Doing this will enable us act intuitively in alignment with life. We need to practice this profound reverence with everyone, everything and all of mother nature in a practical, grounded way – starting with OURSELVES. When we do that other things are taken care of by life… because life is a holistic experience… ‘leave the rest to god’.

The Universe is like a mirror. When we eliminate what is not harmonious from ourselves, we will no longer see it elsewhere. What we see around us is our reflection, a reflection of the totality of existence. The only way to change that reflection is to change ourselves. That way we can put everything else in its rightful place and it no longer has power over us. We can only do that through creating harmony  in ourselves, our families, our communities, our countries, our world – working outwards from the inside. Here is another of my favourite quotes: – 

‘If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself.

If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.

Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self- transformation’

 Lao Tzu

Transforming the world is an inside job for each one of us… and we must do it collectively. By focusing externally on what/who we see to blame, we make it harder. What responsibility can we take ourselves? When someone does something we might call ‘evil’ it is likely to be because they are ignorant and fearful etc… they don’t understand the nature of the universe and totality. Reality has become very warped for them…and so they act against life.

We may not recognise ourselves as evil (and truly we are not) but probably each one of us commits crimes every day against mother nature for example – again, this is through ignorance, and disconnection with our hearts, and negative patterns. If we had a harmonious relationship with nature and each other do you think we would be in the mess we are in now. People are fearful and trapped in their own self-centered greed and emotions – they want to survive. Emotions like fear and doubt distort and undermine healthy reality. We all need to be aware of this IN OURSELVES. It is not just a rich elite who do what they can to control what is happening and look after themselves… anyone who tries to misguidedly control and manipulate others doesn’t understand how life works and will ultimately fail. Life thrives on co-operation and unity – that is its very nature. We do have to take responsibility not to be like a cancer on the planet. It is something we can do. When we do, cancer itself may not exist in the same way – it will be put in its place. The universe teaches us what we need to do to create harmony, by showing us the problem. The solution is not to kill a human with cancer, or to kill people for collectively acting like a cancer. The solution is to awaken change of behaviour in our cells and in humanity.

Humanity is not the problem; it is the way we are behaving that is the problem. Just like with a misbehaving child; it is the child’s behaviour, not the child that is wrong – the child has divine potential and we need to acknowledge that for that positivity to expand and grow. Therefore, we never say – ‘you are bad’ instead we say something like ‘You chose to behave very badly, and I know that is not what you are really like.’ We acknowledge the divine in them and encourage it to grow. We can change behaviour. It is time we grew up and took responsibility collectively by not being like misbehaving children. Our reflection comes back to show us what we need to do.

A large part of the problem now is the structure we are in. The structure we are in controls us and determines our development. In the type of Qigong I practice we call this the ‘Qifield’ and creating a harmonious Qifield is the primary focus in all practice. As Einstein said, ‘The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.’ The field is the structure that controls. Therefore, we need to change the structure and build a new one – we need to change our field of awareness – take focus away from what is destroying life and put it into what creates life. Our current structure is falling apart now…you cannot buy life etc… this is leading to catastrophe, but there is a huge amount of opportunity to change to a life-giving structure and it is already forming everywhere. Take for example, permaculture – that has a life giving structure that we can all build into our lives to some degree…we don’t have to go back to the stone age, but we can draw upon the knowledge of our ancestors and wisdom culture, not just a modern mechanical way of thinking…and this will take focus away from systems that are failing us. Creating a spiritual way of being that enables us to keep awareness and act with deep reverence in co-operation with nature. If we remove ourselves from the structure of greed, competition, and seeing everything as separate etc… it will no longer hold power over us… we can create a structure of unity where we are connected, harmonious and flowing with life, because each of us takes responsibility for what we can change. The secret is unity – working together with Tue respect for the oneness of all life.

Throughout life I have come to learn the truth of the above quote – ‘look for the divine in everyone and everything…’ at deeper and deeper levels. I am still learning it. It is perhaps one of the greatest keys to humans creating harmonious life on our planet – and perhaps the most important thing we can do. It is based on the universal heart language of love that life is built upon. This reverence, true respect and humbleness, recognises that WE ARE ALL ONE in the web of life. To me that is part of what the word divine means in the quote. Everything and everyone have the divine in them. We need to feed that. Seeing that, and building upon it, is what will take life to the next stage of evolution. It will build our positive new structure because that is what life is built upon – love, connection, deep reverence, health, beauty….

What we look for we will find in life – we are all creators – this is also true with the media. It is good to be aware, but to be aware most of all, of where we put our energy. What do we want to help create now? Whatever we do must be done with deep reverence for all life. What are the solutions out of this mess for each of us individually and collectively? We all have slightly different answers to this because we all have unique gifts…and we all need to take some responsibility for creating the new reality on earth that we want to see. In this way we find the meaning to take empowered action. What we focus our attention on will expand and grow. We must act constructively. In order to create harmony, we need to be harmonious – and ‘BE the change we want to see’ ourselves – nobody can do it for us. This starts with experiencing harmony in ourselves first. Once we build respect and harmony for ourselves, we can find it in others and create it in relationship with nature… mother earth. This opens heart communication and connection to oneness that is beyond words… living, energising connection that is more powerful than anything! By focusing light on life giving directions, the darkness diminishes and no longer has a grip on us – we claim our True power… we awaken our true nature… darkness and fear become suddenly insignificant for us when we know this totality – we know we are infinite beings of light… we start to build a solution based way forward with True respect for everyone and everything.

So brothers and sisters… have you got your A.R.M.A on – ARMA stands for Awareness (of the change required in yourself – of where you place your energy in any moment), Responsibility (you have to own this to move forward), Meaning (this gives to life), and Action (being the change). These are the tools that move us forward in life…

The pictures here are of the sea last few nights when I went for a swim… swimming forms part of my daily practice now. It is beautiful in the water right now! Let’s feel the earth beneath our feet and see the stars in the night sky. The tree picture shows what happens when you become one with a tree through ‘Gongjing’- True respect and humbleness! It starts growing out of your head… ha!

 Let’s avoid more media than necessary, live close to the Earth, and build a constructive heart-based path forward with true respect and humbleness that creates oneness in our world. In my Qigong class yesterday, I led a nature-connection/ heart-based practice of this reverence for nature through cultivating ‘Gongjing’. This sort of practice is possibly the most powerful practice to do! It is a gateway to harmonious relationship with others and nature.

We are all one. Nobody is superior or inferior to anybody else. Humans are not superior or inferior to nature. We are all manifestations of the same creation. Totally connected.

When we Truly feel this in our hearts, we can open up True connection to others and nature. I have experienced this very powerfully, especially in nature. For me, these moments of connection have been the most powerful and awe inspiring, inspirational experiences I have ever had. True connection. They are times when my true nature awakens, and other dimensions of reality can be experienced. And this is totally natural! It is here every moment for us all to experience. It should be the essence of our ‘BEing’ on the planet. For me, that first quote I gave you is a beautiful illustration of Gongjing as we can apply it to life in every moment, to create harmony on earth. It starts with you!

‘Well-being begins with you’

Yuan Tze

We are all one… and underneath everything that is happening I can see that people are waking up to this and the need for change. It is happening… and I trust that. This is where I try to focus my energy and then the rest will be taken care of.

 Earth and Heart have the same letters – stay grounded and connected with them. Lots of love to you all…

Josse Tuffnell


  1. A truly WonderFull and Deep piece of InSpiritational writing Josse ~ Thank You ~ So BeautiFully illustrated by your Gorgeous photographs, the first captures that silky stillness, the second, with that mist rolling down over the clifftops reminds me of Calafornia ~ and I just Loved the Humour of the last one. Your Tree Crown is stunning and the colours blend so well with your Tshirt ~ The branches also remind me of Deer Antlars ~ You are BeComing more and more Elemental a true GreenGentleMan ~ Ha

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