Awaken True Nature


Consciously Creating True Balance for Life

Discovering Freedom and Inspiring You!

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Cultivate self, help others and mother nature.

Creating health, happiness, well-being, growth, and freedom!


I share my passions and experiential knowledge to help people through teaching Qigong and Ren Xue (classes and 1:1), holistic life coaching, healing, nature connection, ecological landscaping, music, and now creating digital business too!

Living a simple life close to nature, following my heart. I am consciously creating true balance, freedom, and abundance on the journey!

I share practical ways to work towards true balance: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ecological and economical.

Empowering you to become who you really are beneath your conditioning and patterns…  to find freedom and purpose... and to live harmoniously with nature!

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Start your own online business around your passions -  like me!

The evolution of all life is advanced when we are inspired to follow our true dream and passion.

We all have unlimited potential for success, achievement and fulfillment.